Antelope Island Half Marathon

Course - 13.1 Miles - 100% on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake

The Half Marathon course starts near the South end of Antelope Island near Garr Fielding Ranch. This course heads north 9.5 Miles across Antelope Island with wildlife to the West and the Great Salt Lake to the East. The sunrise is incredible on the Great Salt Lake with Layton City in the background. At Mile 9.5 the runners will make a left turn West and follow a loop around the West side of the island. Views here of Bridger Bay(Named after Jim Bridger) and some of Elephant Rock. The loop will continue around the island until you finish at the Maina. The Marina is the finish for all four courses and the location where you will park your car and load the bus this year.







Antelope Island Marathon - Video



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